7 Energy Centers

Explanation of the 7 Energy Centers (Chakras)

  • The root chakra is a beautiful red color and it is located the region between the upper thighs.   It is related to our instincts, safety & security, and survival, and is responsible for the fight or flight response when our survival is under threat. On a physical level, the root chakra is responsible for sexuality; on a mental level, for our stability; on an emotional level, for our sensuality; and spiritually, it is responsible for our sense of security.
  • The sacral chakra is a vibrant orange color and is located above the root chakra in the sacrum area, where the testes or ovaries are. It is related to our relationships, addictions, violence, pleasures, and emotional needs. On a physical level, the sacral chakra is responsible for reproduction; on a mental level, for creativity; on an emotional level, for joy; and spiritually, it is responsible for our enthusiasm.
  • The solar plexus chakra is a serene yellow color and is related to the digestive systems. It plays a valuable role in issues of personal power, fears, anxiety, opinion-formation, introversion, and emotional transitions. Physically, it is responsible for digestion; emotionally, for expansiveness; mentally, for personal power; and spiritually, it is responsible for all matters surrounding growth.
  • All chakras are crucial to our welfare, but the well-being of the heart chakra is exceptionally important. This is because it is connected to our T-cells, which are responsible for defending against disease. The heart chakra is located at the center of the chest and has an effervescent green color. It is negatively affected by stress; hence the tightness we often feel in the chest and stomach areas when affected by stressful events.
  • The heart chakra is responsible for emotions like compassion, tenderness, love, rejection, and well-being. On a physical level, it is in charge of circulation; on an emotional level, giving and receiving love; on a mental level, passion; and on a spiritual level, dedication. In other words, when you dedicate yourself to self-healing or realization, you are opening your heart chakra to accept love.
  • The throat chakra is a beautiful turquoise or blue color and is connected to the thyroid gland. Its role is to help us communicate and express ourselves freely. When the throat chakra is blocked, this often causes the individual to hold their emotions in, which in turn leads to anger, resentment, and illness in the throat area. Physically, the throat chakra is responsible for communication; emotionally, for independence; mentally, it governs fluent thought; and spiritually, it offers a sense of security.
  • The third eye chakra, also known as the pineal gland, is a beautiful indigo or deep blue color. It is responsible for producing the hormone melatonin, which regulates our sleep and waking states. This chakra balances our higher and lower selves, and helps us with intuition and trusting our inner guidance. Mentally, this chakra deals with visual consciousness; emotionally, it provides clarity of intuition. We are all intuitive beings with active pineal glands, but often our ego chatter does not allow us to trust in our intuition, negatively influencing this chakra and causing blocks. These energy blocks may show up in the body as pressure in the forehead area, headaches, migraines, and sinus issues.
  • The Crown chakra is a white color and it is the chakra of the pure consciousness. I see the crown chakra like a clear white tube at the top of the head beaming its light out into the universe, connecting with Source. It is in charge of our inner wisdom. On a mental level this chakra is responsible for universal consciousness and unity, physically the action of meditation.
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