Exercises for a Happier You

Practicing any of the following exercises, depending on your specific needs for 21-30 days can free you from the illusions and chatter of the ego mind.    

Exercises inspired by Mary Morrissey Dream Builder Program.  Exercises include helping to release unforgiveness, creating and living your dream life, practicing patience, creating self-love, and much more. 

Make a list of pros and cons of why you are holding onto the negative energy (fear, worry, doubt, lack, unforgiveness, etc.)

Write a letter to the person(s), memory, or experience, venting all your emotions and feelings and being open to coming up with a solution.

Avoid seeking approval from others. Be happy with who you are and your accomplishments.  Remember everyone on earth is on their own journey to remembering who they are.  Be kind to yourself. Focus on your greatness and not your flaws.  Avoid judging yourself and others.  Make a list of all your great qualities.

  • In detail, describe what is causing you the most stress in your life now.  Remember these are the things that are out of balance and need your immediate attention for change.  Then take baby steps each day towards making positive changes in each situation to bring the balance back into your life.

Forming a visual picture of what you choose or desire to experience, write this down in as much detail as possible (colors, feelings, etc.) and make it as powerful as you can, since the universe does not want us to limit ourselves. Keep it with you and read it each day to stay in the flow of your desires. The more you put your energy into this exercise, the faster you will manifest your desires, goals, and dreams.  Research shows that individuals who write down their goals and dreams are 10 times more likely to manifest them.

Each morning, practice gratitude to unlock the fullness and beauty of life. When the universe sees you doing your part, it gives you more of that which you focus and put your energy and efforts into.

  • Daily Exercise – To create a positive mindset exercise daily to shift your negative thoughts into positive ones.  When a negative thought is created acknowledge it and shift it to create a thought that is the opposite of it.
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