Energy healing can overcome a range of physical issues, such as substance abuse

Energy healing helps re-balance the negative effects of stress, trauma, or toxins in your body. Everyday stressors can take a negative toll on our bodies. Our mental wellbeing, over time, can impact the way we function physically, including suffering from substance abuse. Energy healing helps to restore our bodies to an optimal state and keeps our bodies renewed and relaxed.

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One of our energy fields, the Meridians, consists of 12 major energy areas on the body that are connected to our internal organs. The energy in your body can be blocked due to trauma or stressful events. These centers travel throughout the entire body and control our body, mind, and soul. Amongst the 12 meridians, 6 of them are yin in and the remaining is yang. The meridians occur in organs such as the lungs, heart, bladder, kidneys, liver, etc. and each region is responsible for different functions.

Prolonged energy disruption in our body can lower our immune system, and our resistance to psychological problems, such as substance abuse. Blockages can prevent the transportation of energy throughout the body, affecting the organs and circulation which can cause health problems. By identifying the imbalance early on, you can restore the body back to its favorable and balanced state.

We work with you to help clear energy blocks from your mind, body, and spirit by opening up your energy pathways through energy healing, to keep your body in harmony and balance. By bringing balance back into your system, you can experience a restoration in your mind, body, and spirit. We have the skills and experience to help you regain the main energy source in your body.

Working with Reiki, IET, or Universal Energy depends on your specific mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Each technique works differently for each individual, but all methods involve a hands-on approach but each one presents a slightly different outcome.

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