Past life regression therapy is an effective path towards physical healing

IMG_2324Past Life Regression Therapy helps you tap into your subconscious mind to experience your past lives, in order to resolve traumatic experiences that are blocking your progress in the current life. Our past life memories and traumatic events are stored in the deepest part of the mind where it’s difficult to access on a conscious level.

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Past life traumatic situations can be activated by events in our current life, without our conscious awareness. Patterns in our daily life or similar occurrences can trigger past events that left a negative mark and being reminded of these past events often lead to stress and other emotional thoughts and behaviors. With a skilled past life regression therapist you can safely access your past without fear or discomfort. The use of suggestive questions in a safe, secure hypnotic state helps us retrieve, heal, and let go of past memories that are still negatively affecting your life.

When you re-experience key events from the past life(s) and process those events, during the therapy session, the impact almost instantly enables you to bring closure to those events. This overall awareness brings clarity and helps you to shift your mindset from the negative to the positive. You have the ability to approach the traumatic events from a different perspective and find closure from the past experiences that were left unresolved.

The use of Past Life Regression Therapy helps you overcome both physical and emotional obstacles. Through this process you gain the opportunity to acknowledge your past and target the original source of the problem. By tapping into your past lives, examining, and resolving the issues that are in your subconscious you can experience permanent relief.

In session, we can also tap into the positive experiences from the past lives such as strengths, accomplishments, and wisdom to increase your confidence and improve your life in the present. Focusing on positive occurrences in your life can enhance the overall sense of well-being. By acknowledging your achievements and highlighting your strengths, you can feel empowered and confident in your daily life.

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