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I had lot of questions in my mind. I did not know where to find answers. I have been to traditional therapy once but did not quite feel comfortable with the idea of therapy. When I met Kristine, my belief and ideas on therapy drastically changed. Kristine is very easy to talk to. I did not have to force myself to talk; words automatically came out of me. The environment is so peaceful that it makes you forget about the outside world. Kristine was very patient, understanding and compassionate in her approach. I walked into the session feeling very sad and depressed. I came out of the session feeling like a free spirit and gave Kristine a big hug for her support. I went in for past life regression. Honestly, I was little apprehensive about going into past life. However, with Kristine’s help I was able to find answers to my questions. I would definitely go back for more sessions and highly recommend Kristine if anyone wants to try hypnotherapy. I felt I was talking to a friend and not to a therapist. I think this feeling of ease makes therapy more powerful and the credit goes to Kristine.

Nikki G.

Kristine has the wonderful gift of restoring balance and fortifying those who need guidance and assistance. I came to Kristine in October 2013 after struggling with some issues for the better part of 5 years. Visiting her for the first time felt incredibly comfortable. She has a beautiful energy that is warm, welcoming and comforting. I love how she structures the first session and always makes sure that the issues that are important to you are properly addressed throughout future sessions. To my surprise, I discovered monumental answers to questions that I didn’t even think to ask and I had several break through moments. She is highly intuitive, professional and she creates a safe haven environment. She will help you navigate through your subconscious and will give you tools to be more at peace. I’ve been to traditional therapy, but it has been my experience that I was just being listened to instead of having an actual interaction. This is not the case with Kristine. She is consistently engaged with what you have to say and helps you untangle your issues. I left each session full of hope, inspiration and more in control with each session that passed. Kristine helped me change the things that needed to be adjusted so I could be more in control of my life. For that, I am eternally grateful because I have a completely different outlook on who I am and my purpose in life. I highly recommend Kristine as you will never regret it. She is a true blessing for anyone who crosses her path.

Impossible Girl 🙂

Kristine is so easy to open up to and she helped me tackle some big issues in just a few sessions. She is extremely intuitive and helps you sort out your thoughts; consciously and subconsciously. Her hypnosis sessions are so relaxing and positive. Kristine is able to cut through your personal barriers and your ego in order to get to the root of your problem. I highly recommend this healer.

Katrina C.

My very first session with Kristine created a miracle in my family’s life. My father had recently been diagnosed with a very serious illness and I felt helpless not knowing what I can do to help him. So my cousin recommended going to see Kristine. While I was in session with her, Kristine worked through me to send the Universal healing energy to my father who was hundreds of miles away. After the session, she asked me to contact my father to see if he felt anything, since my father did not even know that I was going to have this session. When I called my mother, she told me something very unique and interesting was happening with my father. She said my father was watching TV and all of a sudden he pulled the blanket over his head and did not move or talk for about half an hour, during the exact time when I was in session with Kristine. An hour later he was able to contact me to tell me that a wonderful feeling came over him and he felt like there were energies around him telling him to relax and receive. Weeks later my father went to the doctor to prepare for surgery but instead he received a clean bill of health.


I have to say it is rewarding when Kristine intuitively connects to my guides/angels during our sessions. I really feel the presence and support of my angels every time. It is almost unreal as their energy washes over me and I gently go into a trance-like state. She is truly an amazing person and healer who CARES about her work. I can’t wait to return for more sessions so I can let go of my other negative behaviors/addictions.


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During my meditation with Kristine, I felt completely safe and secure. Her presence and angelic voice is very calming and very high vibration. She is a gifted healer, who creates an ambiance of unconditional love”.


As my energy healing session began, I felt warm energy around my body, mostly internally. It felt as if I was enveloped in warm and fuzzy energy that was feeling my heart with love. Suddenly, I felt a powerful release of emotions that I never thought was inside of me. I now feel free from fears and anger, and it took only a couple of sessions for me to achieve what I was not able to do for years.


As soon as I saw Kristine, I felt safe to share my fears about the discomfort I had in my left ear for the past 2 months. She immediately put me at ease with her gentle voice and wisdom. Working with Kristine has been the most incredible and amazing journey. She has the gift of healing powers….At the end of our energy healing session my headache and the ringing in my ear had stopped. It has been several months since our last session, and I am doing great.


I met with Kristine because she was recommended to me by a close friend. When I got to her office, her healing energy literally filled up the room and I knew I was meeting a truly rare and gifted Healer of immense ability. She is an “Old Soul” with deep wisdom and tremendous compassion.


Working with Kristine has been the most incredible and amazing journey. She has opened my mind, heart and doors for me within this process. I began working with Kristine as a cancer survivor. Since our sessions she has decreased my anxiety, fatigue and illnesses. I feel more energized, happier and less stressed. She has helped me to explore the next steps in life. Before hypnotherapy I was unable to have diagnostic procedures without flipping out. Now I am able to use her words and techniques to relax and proceed with my medical treatment.


Kristine is extremely clairvoyant who picks up messages from deceased loved ones and your Spirit Guides. Kristine is a treasure, and I intently recommend her to anyone who wants a profound healing, spiritual insight on their life, and a metaphysical experience they will never forget.

Kristine has been a tremendous help in my life. I achieved many positive changes, spiritual growth, and guidance with her help. One of the most remarkable moments during our sessions was when I was having a clear vision of Archangel Michael standing close to my feet and seconds later, Kristine started saying and describing the same vision I was having. At that moment I felt a rush of warmth and love from my heart go into every area in my body. I can’t express how grateful I am to have met Kristine because she is the reason that I am now more open and trusting the Universal Divine love energy which has helped me succeed in all areas of my life, business, love, and family. Once you meet Kristine, you will see what I mean. I consider her an earth Angel who is filled with Divine love and light.

Grateful and Loving Karla

Since I started my hypnotherapy sessions with Kristine, I felt a deep connection with her right away because she is very open, gifted, and compassionate. She improved my mental, emotional and spiritual state with her unique healing methods. Kristine changed my life by helping me vanish all past fears, worries, and insecurities. With her encouragement and dedication we worked together to unfold my old ways of patterns and beliefs to my new lifestyle of love, joy, and positive thinking. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience Kristine’s healing. Try it and you will see.

Chris Z.

Because I had breast cancer, I decided to try a Guided Imagery session with Kristine and though I had never met her before I was immediately embraced by her amazingly loving and healing energy from the moment I met her. Her healing energy literally filled up the room and I knew I was meeting a truly rare and gifted Healer of immense ability. She is an “Old Soul” with deep wisdom and tremendous compassion. The Guided Imagery treatment was profoundly healing and the healing peace and wellness I felt from the session reverberated within me for weeks afterwards. She is also extremely clairvoyant and can pick up messages from deceased loved ones and your Spirit Guides. Kristine is a treasure, and I intently recommend her to anyone who wants a profound healing, spiritual insight on their life, and a metaphysical experience they will never forget.


At the beginning of the session I was feeling the physical energy by my stomach, abdomen, and chest. Which turned into a physical shaking and crying. I suddenly felt a powerful release of anger. This release was on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Immediately after, I started seeing the colors pink and blue, which gave me the feelings of love, warmth, and spiritual awareness. The colors continued to expand into every area of my body, showing me that I am safe and secure at all times. As I started to go into my head, I felt tremendous energy flow there. When I opened my eyes to see what that was, I saw Kristine working around my head area, helping me release my old and negative beliefs about myself. Towards the end of the energy healing session, I felt completely free as joy filled my heart, mind, and body. Before my session was over, I realized that who I truly am is love, peace, support, joy, and laughter. What a powerful and fun healing session.

Terry D.

My hypnotherapy experience with Kristine has been great. It has been very positive and it feels great to have someone to share my experiences with knowing it is completely confidential. Thank you Kristine for helping me overcome the problems in my life and helping me vent all my frustrations and challenges. Now I have new techniques, that you taught me, that help me stay positive and use them when challenges arise.

Lucy M.

I can’t believe the success that I am having with hypnotherapy. My life has totally changed for the better and I have never been happier. I am so deeply appreciative of how you brought me back to life. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice, for which I think of your soothing, relaxing voice as being from a Guardian Angel. In just a few months you helped me feel refreshed, at peace, and in content. Kristine, your voice, your words, and your talent are a true gift that I am so thankful for.

Maria M.

I was not a true believer in the beginning but after my 1st session, Kristine helped me relax and when I left her office I was no longer feeling the stress and anxiety I went in with, which I had for years. In a very short period of time you have helped me learn how to deal with stress and gave me tools to use so I can stay stress and anxiety free. Now I’m am feeling great everyday. You have an exceptional talent.

Sandy D.

Before starting my sessions with Kristine, I had seen a traditional psychotherapist. My experience with Kristine proved that hypnotherapy is a much more powerful method of healing than traditional therapy. Her work has changed my life for the better. Prior to hypnotherapy, I never thought I could be so happy. Together, we worked on my self confidence, coping with stress, anxiety, and coping with the loss of a father. Kristine and her ability to heal the mind, body and soul is a true blessing!

Andy A.

I was really shocked in the beginning because it was amazing how my mind was working and it was controlling my body. I was kind of nervous because it was my first time for hypnosis, so it was hard to relax at first but I really enjoyed closing my eyes and imagining what Kristine was telling me. The best part was the end because my body and mind were so relaxed I did not want to move.

Marty A.

Before : I was frustrated, limited, and little dark cloud of negativity. I had reached a breaking point. I knew I needed help and I found the right place (person) to start. After (One Session!): I went into the introductory session honestly: I wanted to change how I was feeling. Kristine is such a good listener and so easy to share with. After our first session, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was more positive, open to possibilities, and had a new perception on my day. I confided in Kristine that I hadn’t dreamt in a long, long time, and from that day on, I have been having vivid dreams! Kristine’s work is so powerful, I experienced a breakthrough. After more Sessions: Every session with Kristine brings discovery, serenity, and a sense of well-being. I credit Kristine with my change in attitude and my positive world view. I know that I am also responsible for this change, but I needed Kristine’s warmth and compassionate guidance to help me achieve this positivity. I highly recommend Kristine’s work, I am so fortunate to have her in my life, and I feel such an appreciation for what life has to offer.

Reney V.

I was extremely depressed and had lost all faith in happiness when my husband left me, Since I have been attending my weekly sessions with Kristine, my kids and my friends have seen a major change in my spirit and mood. She has helped me become a better and more confident person in myself. I look forward to seeing her because I leave her feeling like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders every time and I’m ready for the world. She is very down to earth and easy to talk to. I recommend her to all my friends and family who feel lost and hopeless and need guidance.


I was lost and she help me find myself. I felt i had lack of direction, motivation, energy and balance. I did not know why , where, when ,etc…. Felt I could not do things right. I Felt hazy. Then Kristine energized me and helped me get back my Mojo. Know I can see my way and feel 200% better about life and myself. She is Great!


I went to Kristine to do a hypnotherapy session for past life regression with the intention of opening up to whatever my highest self wanted to reveal to me. Our session was amazing and revelatory. Without getting into details, I was able to connect with some very powerful positive information that I feel has dramatically expanded my spiritual understanding… all in one session! Such a wonderful experience! Her presence is very calming and very high vibration. I wholeheartedly recommend her if you would like to do emotional work that is imbued with positive intention.


I was looking to get past life regression therapy and was searching around for a new hypnotist. I found a few, emails were sent about prices and she was the only one who openly emailed me back while others wanted to have a free consult first (I don’t like to waste time). So I spoke with Kristine a few days later and told her what I wanted and that I was unable to go deep last time in hypnosis. So I made my appointment and went to see her the following week. The week my life began to enlighten.

1. Price : The most reasonable price I have ever seen or heard of. You do not have to pay hundreds of dollars per session (mistake learnt too late) Kristine wants to actually help your soul, help you in all ways, she is not greedy at all. Easily in LA people can charge whatever they like and it becomes a business. She is not a business, I refuse to believe it. 2. Kristine: I didn’t expect to like my hypnotist. I also didn’t expect to tell her everything and be so comfortable telling her. It’s almost like speaking with the universe but this was you get feedback and oh so much knowledge. She cares about me and yes she even loves me, someone like her couldn’t not love. If you need her, you can email her whenever you want. If the universe has a message for you in your moment of need, she gives it to you right away. That’s right people, she doesn’t charge money for this stuff, I almost find her unbelievable. 3. Healing: I didn’t think I had all the problems I have. She understands me and the issues on hand and then takes me to the subconscious. I thought Kristine was healing me, leading me, turns out she is also a channel. My first thought, WOW! FOR THAT PRICE? I GET ALL THIS? The universe heals you through her and the results are amazing. 4. Past life regression: The universe showed Kristine before hand the end of the life I wanted to see. I was stuck and couldn’t get past the ‘black’. She kept pushing and pushing me, because she knew how important it was that I see it. It felt like forever but she pushed me to see that lives end. And now I finally feel like myself again because of that. 5. Environment: My mother is an enlightened being, so I’m used to my home feeling a certain way.

I am not easily comfortable in others’ homes but Kristine’s place is so clean and clear (as in the energy of the home) I could sit there all day and feel this amazing peace. Overall, I now believe the universe sent me to her for a very good reason. I can’t imagine if I hadn’t gone to her, if I hadn’t felt that shift in my being. All she wants to do is increase your frequency, that’s it. It’s even easier for me to understand it this way because I studied physics. Instead of feeling down and alone at a low frequency why not sniff those roses, pat that dog, and skip down the street with your high frequency.


Kristine is amazing! She has healed medically, physically, psychologically and spiritually. She has a psychic ability which is spot on. Her healing energy has helped me to cure cancer and the body issues that is a consequence of my illness. She is an evolved being, blessed with intuitive gifts and healing hands. She speaks and acts from her heart and is the most caring and giving healer I have been privileged to have worked with. Her ability to change your life through hypnotherapy has helped me beyond healing into all areas of my life. I highly recommend her services.


If you want to see results, this is the place to go. Kristine can really make a positive change in your life. The sessions are very relaxing, enjoyable, and helpful. Kristine is very good at what she does; she does it with love and with the intention to help. Her sessions really, really help. You don’t have to have a major problem, you can just go when you feel down, and her session will bring you right up and you can continue on with your life. I would highly recommend going to her, it really helps and makes you a better person.


I took my mom to Kristine for hypnosis and from the moment we met her she made us feel very comfortable and at ease. She spent over 3 hours with us yet only charged her regular fee. Now that is a therapist who cares more about a person and their healing then money. I loved her approach and my mom was feeling fantastic even after the first session. My mom had been to 4 different hospitals and had to take 7 kinds of medications, yet she was still not feeling like herself and was suffering from major panic attacks. Four sessions with Kristine and she no longer takes any drugs, no panic attacks and her energy level is incredible. I am forever grateful to Kristine for her professionalism and her help and have already recommended family and friends for various issues. THANK YOU KRISTINE!

Jackie G.

Kristine has been one of the major reasons why i have overcame one of the biggest struggles of my life. I was experiencing major panic attacks and just completely lost in my job, my social life, and my future so I decided to try hypnotherapy. I truly believe that she was brought upon my path for a reason. She is a remarkable individual, full of compassion, hope, and faith regardless of what situation you are dealing with, she becomes your guide. She cares deeply about whatever issue you may be experiencing and is there to help you and guide you on your path to self-realization. Through Kristine, you will find yourself. She is like an old friend and you never knew you had but always needed. I can say that I have built a relationship with her as my hypnotherapist that will stay with me for a lifetime. I will never forget the helping hand she lent me at the worst time in my life. Her sessions are extremely healing with guided meditation and her voice will put you so deep in your subconscious which is where your healing will really begin. She believes in the holistic approach, healing people as a whole which is a very rare quality to find in nowadays. She respects her time and yours and utilizes every minute she spends with you. She has helped me let go of so many things that were holding me back. She has helped me battle my anxiety through this transitional point in my life and there are no words that can express my gratitude. At the end of every session I felt empowered, positive, relaxed, and little more free from things that were always holding me back in my life. I thank Kristine for everything she has taught me and I recommend for everyone to experience a session with her. She is truly a gifted angel from God.

Alena N.

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