Tourette’s Syndrome (Tics) is Tourette’s Disorder or Tics?

Tics are rapid movements or sounds that is repeated over and over for no apparent reason.  Common tics include throat clearing and rapid blinking.  In most children tics gets better or goes away completely during adolescence and early adult life.  Medications for tics only help when the child takes it, which often leads to negative side effects.

How does Hypnotherapy help?

In addition to working with adults and children with many behavioral challenges and blocks, Kristine also works with children who have Tourette Disorder.  She effectively teaches children enjoyable behavioral skills that allows them to successfully manage, control, and even avoid verbal and motor tics.

Research shows that by teaching children self-hypnosis it allows them to experience a state of mind that combines relaxation with concentration on their desired point of focus, completely dissolving negative thoughts or feelings.   Once they achieve that focused state, suggestions are given to control the tics, giving the child/adolescent the power to realize that they are in control of the tics and not the tics being in control of them.

The process Kristine works with teaches children lifelong skills that allows them to avoid or stop the behavior before it happens.  It helps the child/adolescent to recognize the onset of an urge to tic and instantly gain control to relax the muscles that are associated with it.

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